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Do you REALLY need to spend thouands on videos for your socials?

Hey ROCKSTARS! I want to talk to you about videos today. Whenever you invest in any sort of marketing, it's REALLY important to think about the ROI (Return On Investment). There are lots of really great affordable professional options out there to help your brand stand out from the rest ... then there are some very expensive options, which look great, is vey impressive ... and VERY EXPENSIVE. Particularly videography.

Now, using videos on your socials is a great way to increase your brand awareness and get elevated traction … but … before you go and spend thousands with a marketing videographer, have a crack yourself.

Important things to remember are to make your videos interactive .. like a little bit of music in the background with a bit of text in the foreground or a voice over if you are showing products/services.

Here’s a few tips anyway. I’d love to see you have a crack!!! AND KEEP practicing, I guarantee you will get better at it.


Oh … and a very small investment in a phone tripod & a wireless microphone is also good value.


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