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Let's talk being positive and standing behind our OWN product and service ...

So, we've all encountered the negative nelly. You know, the ones that are in competing businesses and stalk your social media pages to find ANYTHING they can pick at. This can also extend to outside of social media and into your local community, as their seething jealousy and lack of confidence manifests into hating on you.

In my case, it is sometimes the competitors of my clients. When a business is using effective social media marketing strategies that is growing their business, this can often affect other businesses in competition with them. This is when it seems the easiest solution is to take aim at me, as I am doing the marketing.

Some people are also unreasonably territorial. Like, they think certain community groups are "theirs" just because they live in that community ... but they also expect that THEY should be allowed to post in community groups OUTSIDE of their resident area, into areas that THEIR business services ... but nobody else is allowed to do this. It's petty, stupid, immature and unprofessional.

BOTTOM LINE, there is enough business for EVERYONE!! Your vibe will attract your tribe. If you are doing this, please STOP and think about putting all that wasted energy spent stalking, disliking, making things up in your head etc etc ... into improving your own service and marketing your service/product effectively and uniquely.

Quite frankly, if you are feeling threatened by a 'competitor' then I feel you are most likely a little insecure about your own service or product. Another thing ... you won't lose a customer to a competitor that is worth keeping. I have the same motto about my clients as I do my man .. "Honey, if you can get him, you can keep him."

I am 100% confident in saying this BECAUSE I 100% look after my clients (and my man lol). I continually strive to offer added value to my service to them, I work hard at maintaining positive and honest relationships with them ... and I work extra hard at upskilling to be able to offer my clients the absolute highest level of service and skill. I find that my clients usually don't want to deal with anyone else, and if they do, that is absolutely their prerogative. No hard feelings, better for them and better for me. Not everyone HAS to be your customer.


The absolute BEST customer relationship you can have is someone that wants and appreciates your services/product, not one that is screwing for the lowest price or someone that you have to 'steal' away from someone else .. or even someone that thinks they are doing you a favour by using your services. If this is your vibe, then accordingly, you will attract this tribe. However, I fear for the long term sustainability of your business if this is your method.

Some customers just don't 'gel' with you ... and that's absolutely ok too. It's nothing they are doing or nothing you are doing ... they just require a different vibe. Let them find it. Then you have other customers are instantly comfortable with you, they love what you do and love what you can offer them. Equally, you also appreciate that they are using your services and you strive to offer them the best quality service/product. It works both ways.

Competition is healthy. Competition can inspire you to achieve more in your own business. Competition keeps you on your toes. Competition can also teach you what NOT to do. Collaborating and engaging positively with your competition can even result in growth for both of you! Fancy that!

Focusing on your own service/product and how you can improve your marketing to promote client retention is a much better use of your energy than worrying about who's using who or who's doing who. Hating on someone that you are losing business to, is really unproductive ... and stupid. Instead, look at how you can establish YOUR POINT OF DIFFERENCE and start growing your business. Plus ... negative energy will flow onto your own customers... run in your own lane and worry about what you're doing.

I talk more about this in my video.


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