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Lets talk about being SOCIAL on SOCIAL media

Social media IS NOT a dedicated advertising platform ... it's a SOCIAL platform. Its intent is to make SOCIAL connections and build SOCIAL relationships. This can be between people and people, or people and businesses ... doesn't matter ... but the algorithms are geared toward SOCIAL interactions (most especially Facebook and Insta). Now, if you are a business that is wanting to utilise a social media platform to market your business, this can be a little tricky, until you get the hang of it.

The very FIRST thing you must do, is to start to look at social media like a conversation. It's a SOCIAL INTERACTION not a newspaper ad.

Example ... a conversation at a BBQ between two people. First person says "Hi, I'm Gina!". Second person just looks at Gina, doesn't respond and walks away to talk to another person. Are you getting where I'm going with this? Gina is thinking, 'Wow, what a rude prick, I'll be making sure to avoid him when I see him next' ... and so it is on social media when someone comments on your post and they get no response, no reaction ... nothing. You're being a rude prick (intentionally or not intentionally).

Nobody who wants to genuinely do business wants to be seen as a rude prick, so it is really important to be SOCIAL on social media.

I chat more about the SOCIAL aspect of using social media in my video.



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