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I completely love the diversity of my job!

There is nothing better than doing something that you love every day! Something that drives you, inspires you and something that fuels your passion. For me, it' social media marketing and I get to do this every day.

Today, I was out and about working with a couple of clients doing some filming. I went from the serenity of a beautiful pool (complete with a venetian waterfall ... to laying in a muddy ditch, filming an excavator digging a trench. I loved every minute of each one of these experiences equally!

It's very important for a successful social media campaign to show the audience a personal type experience ... like standing on the side of a beautiful pool that they can imagine in their back yard. Or .. to show a potential customer the professional work ethic and quality machinery used to complete a drainage job. This is what sets a business part from another.

I am also incredibly lucky that I have the best clients in the world. I enjoy very positive relationships with them, based upon a shared goal, which is the success of their business.


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